Richard Krolewski

Chief Executive Officer

Before coming to Basanite, Krolewski served as the Director of Certification and Regulatory Services for the NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association), where he developed 20+ Years of industry experience spanning from the State DOT level to the US Government. Rich also serves as a Registered Federal Lobbyist interacting & building relationships with 100’s of specifying agencies, AASHTO, FAA, OSHA, Building & Construction, and US Federal Highway Officials – in an effort to help drive quality specifications for our nation’s infrastructure.

Krolewski is the precast concrete industry’s Federal Lobbyist, he has represented the industry for over 17 years. He currently works with hundreds of specifying agencies and precast companies to develop and maintain strong and consistent quality assurance specifications that mandate (NPCA) National Precast Concrete Association certification and is responsible for the mandating of this program in 43 of the 50 state Dot offices. His direct influence with key agencies continues with but is not limited to, All 50 state DOT offices, Army Corps of engineers, The Federal Highway Administration, FAA and countless other cities municipalities, port authorities and countless other engineering firms.

Krolewski explains his vision for Basanite, "One thing that is of significant importance, is building a leadership team that will be able to effectively assist me in promoting BFRP and creating the awareness for the use of alternative methods of primary reinforcement. We want to be the company that paves the way for the ultimate use and acceptance of BFRP material."

David Anderson

Executive VP & Chief Operations Officer

Prior to coming to Basanite in 2018, Anderson established more than 27 years of specific industry experience as a business / market leader, distributor and manufacturer of plastic and composite materials; serving in several positions related to all aspects of corporate and product development, sales, management and marketing. Prior to this, Anderson was the National Sales Manager for ESI, a bulk and liquid level instrumentation company, where he built and trained sales and distribution networks serving the industry.

More recently; as the VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Anderson served Fabpro Oriented Polymers, a division of Polymer Group, Inc. (PGI) for 16 years; where he led the growth of the company to $73 million in Sales, through sustainable year over year growth, and guided it to become the largest producer of synthetic fibers for reinforcement in North America. Anderson was instrumental in helping PGI sell the Fabpro Division on its own merit and to streamline the parent company, so it could begin an IPO process.

As a consultant since, Anderson has utilized his education, back-ground and business experience to provide professional leadership, training and targeted growth programs to manufacturers serving the construction industry.

Isabella Barbera

Chief Financial Officer

With almost two decades of experience in the industry, Isabella Barbera joins Basanite as its new “in-house” CFO. Ms. Barbera has served as an advisor, consultant and leader in public accounting firms, including Templeton & Company, LLP from 2006 to 2013 and, until recently, as the principal of her private public accounting practice. Her experience ranges from nonprofit to profit, and individuals to corporations with regard to tax, reporting and consulting. She has held an executive leadership role in private organizations as partner during her time at Templeton & Company, LLC and as a contractor for Harmsco, Inc. from 2017 to 2019, and Bidon Companies from 2015 to 2019; as well as in her own successful businesses. She has served as a mentor to her employees and as an educator to the nonprofit industry.

Barbera shared, "It's exciting to be part of this dynamic team and company. There are many facets of this job that are either lost, or aren’t very effective when the position is outsourced, like before. I feel that running my own accounting firm for the last 7 years, coupled with my extensive tax background make me an excellent fit for a fast-moving Basanite, and I’m looking forward to being part of this company’s success!"

Ms. Barbera holds both a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Masters in Taxation from Florida Atlantic University. She has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant since 2003.